MC meetings

30 - 31 May 2018, Brussels, Belgium
MC Meeting and Scientific Meeting
meeting report (.pdf)

12 October 2017
MC meeting, Frankfurt Aiport Conference Center (Fraport), Germany

Management Committee Members decided to meet at Frankfurt airport to facilitate the discussion of all Action aspects. Date was specified on the 12th October 2018. Grant Period Goals were following:

  • Based on the GP1 experience, improve the strategy and methodology for STSM and ITC Conference Grants call, and organize the STSMs with focus on Early Career Investigators, target countries, and inclusiveness principles in two rounds during GP2
  • Review and monior all WGs activity and deliverables
  • Attract trade to the Action acivities, facilitate reciprocal knowledge and new technology transfer

23 – 24 March 2017
EuroCellNet Workshop, Institute of Molecular Genetics CAS, Prague, Czech Republic
Management Committee Meeting


9th February 2021 | Virtual ZOOM meeting | PROGRAM (PDF)

WG meetings

Intranuclear Interactions of Lamins and European Lamin Working Group

12 - 13 November 2018, Bologna, Italy
Organizers: Giovanna Lattanzi - CNR Institute of Molecular Genetics Bologna, Italy
meeting report (.pdf)

“Intranuclear interactions of lamins and Superresolution microscopy as a tool to study chromatin architecture”

Date: 20 - 21 March 2018

Venue: Medical University of Vienna, Austria

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Center for Anatomy and Cell Biology
Division of Cell and Developmental Biology

Probing the effects of 3D Bioprinting Processes on Stem Cells' Functional Properties and Integrity, Thessaloniki, Greece

11 - 12 February 2018

This WG Meeting covered Working Group 1 – Biophysics of cell and tissue structure, Working Group 2 – Structural analysis of biomolecules involved in mechanobiology, Working Group 3 – New methodologies to study mechanobiology of cells and tissues and Working Group 4 – Mechanobiological principles of rare and common diseases. The meeting took place in Thessaloniki, Greece, at the University of Thessaloniki.

The meeting focused on discuss possibilities, and identify specific topics for collaborative proposals, spanning all WGs of the Action in the area of 3D Bioprinting. More specifically, to examine the fate and integrity of the embedded stem cells during and after the process. The outcome of this one-day brain-storming was shared with all members of all WGs for further action. The meeting attend 13 participants, 5 of them were members of the Action.

Biophysics of cell and skin structure in wound healing, Ljubljana, Slovenia

1 December 2017

This WG Meeting covered Working Group 1 – Biophysics of cell and tissue structure, and Working Group 3 – New methodologies to study mechanobiology of cell and tissues. The meeting focused on coordinate and design the activity between relevant European groups involved in structural analysis of mechano-response cellular machineries to provide the organization of cytoskeleton related and nuclear related proteins and assemblies. The meeting took place in Ljubljana, Slovenia at the Faculty of Medicine.

Common goal was be to study the mechano properties of the nucleoskeleton, cytoskeleton, focal adhesion and extracellular matrix in skin cells from the human and mouse, to use established models of human/mouse wound healing, and to use this information to determine the roles of individual molecular components in responding to mechanical strain and in activating mechano response pathways.

The meeting started with a short introduction of all participants, so to present their work and interest in the wound healing area. This was followed by a round table discussion, to brain storm and structure one or more future projects that we could collaborate on. Finally, a dedicated session explored available funding calls and strategy on how to obtain funding (who leads which call, partners, objectives, etc.), as well as the strategy to make this happen within the COST network.

Molecular aspects of aging and longevity (Athens, Greece)

16 - 19 October 2017

The meeting was focused on aging – an inevitable biological process. Unravelling the fundamental molecular mechanism of aging and longevity is a pre-requisite for developing appropriate means of increasing “healthy lifespan”. The meeting took place in Athens, Greece at the National Hellenic Research Foundation. Organizer anticipated approximately 250 participants in total including about 50 young scientists. There were 4 plenary lectures as well as approximately 40 presentations in emerging areas of aging research by internationally leading scientists. Moreover, the Meeting had a EuroCellNet session, where 3 COST Action members presented their data. To this end EuroCellNet COST Action Members (as well as all Meeting´s participants) had the opportunity disseminating their work to a broad and international audience and experts.

Science Xpression, A Coruna, Spain

25 - 29 September 2017

A workshop to improved researchers skills, conferences (senior researchers) and a symposium for selected oral presentations (young researchers). The senior researchers that participate in the conference were the mentors of the young researchers that participated in the workshop and in the symposium.

Science Xpression Workshop (26 -28 September) was recommended for graduate/PhD students and postdocs. This workshop had three primary goals: (1) to practice giving oral presentations, (2) to practice writing abstracts that describe research interests and progress and (3) to develop communication skills. Through this process, participants were broaden their scientific horizons and enhance their ability to give presentations, write abstracts, and respond to questions and comments from others.


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