Jackson Dean

Jackson Dean Country: United Kingdom
E-mail: dean.jackson@manchester.ac.uk

Participation in Working Groups

  • WG2 - Structural analysis of biomolecules involved in mechanobiology

Research Interests

Structure function links within the mammalian nucleus and how defects in these links result in pathology, eg cancer. I am especially interested in mechanisms of establishing nuclear compartments and specifically functional sites or domains, such as transcription factories. How/if such sites are coordinated by the functions of the nucleoskeleton - lamin proteons - if also a key interest.

Technologies offered to other EuroCellNet participants

High end luve cell imaging.

Technologies sought from other EuroCellNet participants

Live imaging options for super resolution microscopy.


*Tang CW, Maya-Mendoza A, Martin C, Zeng K, Chen S, Feret D, Wilson SA, Jackson DA (2008). The integrity of a lamin B1-dependent nucleoskeleton is a fundamental determinant of RNA synthesis in human cells. J Cell Sci 121, 1014-1024.

*Martin C, Chen S, Maya-Mendoza A, Lovric J, Sims PFG, Jackson DA. (2009). Lamin B1 maintains the functional plasticity of nucleoli. J Cell Sci 122, 1551-1562.

*Chen S§, Maya-Mendoza A§, Zeng K, Tang CW, Sims PFG, Lovric J, Jackson DA. (2009). Interaction with Checkpoint Kinase 1 Modulates the Recruitment of Nucleophosmin to Chromatin. J Proteome Res 8, 4693-4704.

*Chen S, Martin C, Maya-Mendoza A, Tang CW, Lovrić J, Sims PFG, Jackson DA. (2009). Reduced expression of lamin A/C results in modified cell signalling and metabolism coupled with changes in expression of structural proteins. J Proteome Res 8, 5196-5211.

Maya-Mendoza A, Olivares-Chauvet P, Shaw A and Jackson DA. (2010). S phase progression in mammalian cells is dictated by the genetic continuity of DNA foci. PLoS Genet 4, e1000900.


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