A practical workshop to improve researchers skills, conferences (senior researchers) and a symposium for selected oral presentations (young researchers). The senior researchers that participate in the conference will be the mentors of the young researchers that will participate in the workshop and in the symposium Science Xpression Workshop (26 -28 September) is recommended for graduate/PhD students and postdocs. This workshop has three primary goals: (1) to practice giving oral scientific presentations, (2) to practice writing abstracts that describe research interests and progress and (3) to develop communication skills. Through this process, participants will broaden their scientific horizons and enhance their ability to give presentations, write abstracts, and respond to questions and comments from others. Young researchers will present Abstracts and Oral Presentations about their researach at the Symposium (29th September). These presentations will have therefore dual purpose: to serve for starting new interdisciplinary collaborations in topics relevant to the Action, and to improve the formal side of the presentation. Session "Gap Junctions and Hemichannels: Physiological and Pathological Roles" is organized as a COST session.

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