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Registration was opened till 19th March 2021.

For a Poster presentation submit a short abstract or specification of the alignment of the profile of the lab that you are heading with the topic of the Training school

The EuroCellNet Cost Training School "New technological tools for the study of cytoplasmic intermediate filaments in the central nervous system in health and disease" will be broadcasted in March 23-26 from the University of Gothenburg, Sweden and the University of Utrecht, the Netherlands. The training school aims to present novel techniques and recent discoveries including interdisciplinary approaches to study cellular networks in CNS diseases for better understanding of disease pathogenesis. We are bringing together some of the most prominent scientists and teachers representing diverse and highly complementary fields and technologies.

Given the current epidemiological situation and its unpredictability when it comes to the coming two months, the school will be held on-line.

An integral part of the registration is either:

  1. a short abstract of the poster that you plan to present or

  2. a short specification of the alignment of the profile of the lab that you are heading with the topic of the Training school.

Posters will be digitally presented and discussed using the Slack platform.

Instructions for poster presenters

Upload your poster to Slack:

We recommend preparing the poster in a landscape format with text and figures large enough to be easily visible on a computer screen without the need to zoom in. A one-slide presentation would be the best option considering the virtual setting. However, a conventional A4 portrait poster is acceptable. You are also free to upload any other supporting material, data, audio or video that can help you present your work in the most efficient way. We encourage you to experiment and be creative.

1 – Your channel is named with your last name, select this channel in Slack.

2 – To upload the poster in your channel, click the “Attach file” button in the chat box. Choose the poster file from your computer and hit the send button.

3 – You and your visitors can now access the poster by clicking the “Channel details” icon located at the top right corner of the Slack window. Unwind the “Files” tab on the newly opened right-sided panel.

4 – If you wish, insert the Zoom room link in the channel description. To do so, click the “Add a topic” button next to your channel’s name.

Additional tips:

Having a Zoom link in your poster can be helpful. Think about showing it on your poster. You can generate it as a QR code using the following website: https://www.qr-code- We encourage poster presenters to have their photos on the poster to make the virtual meeting more human.

How to create your individual Zoom room for the poster session (optional but recommended):

Presenters would need to create their own Zoom room to meet for a live discussion about the poster. You can use the following link to schedule the Zoom meeting:
We recommend not to set any passwords when creating the Zoom room.

In the Zoom room, you have a possibility to share the screen with participants. Feel free to show any figures and materials that would support your work!


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