WG Meeting – Euro - IF 2017: European Intermediate Filament Meeting, Saint Malo, France

The aim of the workshop was to discuss the molecular and structural principles of intermediate filaments and their roles in health and diseases. With this workshop organizers want to bring scientists together from different areas of intermediate filament research in order to stimulate communication and efficient exchange of experimental results, methodology, concepts and hypotheses.

One of the goals of this workshop was to provide opportunities for young participants who have various interests in intermediate filaments to share their research findings and obtain feedback through presentations, discussions and interactions with their peers and experts in the intermediate filament field.

The topics of this meeting focused on a wide range of studies on the structure and function of intermediate filaments using biophysical, cellular and molecular biological techniques.

Organizers designed a program that it was composed of different topic sessions, each session structured with a first introductive/overview talk made by a renowned expert of the topic who made a review of the topic/field rather presenting only his/her latest data of his/her own lab, then organizers had talks from speakers selected from abstract, with a priority to ECI for these oral communications. Eight different sessions were set up on the following topics: Cytoskeletal crosstalk, Intermediate filaments in neuronal development, Disease modeling & Translational development, Regulation of structure and assembly of Intermediate filament, Mechanobiology of Intermediate filaments, Metabolic regulation & Mitochondria, Proteostatis, Cancer, Migration & Epigenetic. All of them match the EuroCellNet objectives. Assembly of IF was organized as a COST session:


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